Pascal Beauvais Photography

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Inspired by wild places, Pascal Beauvais is an adventure and lifestyle photographer. Pascal’s passion is capturing images of people doing the things they love outside.  Always a part of the adventure he shoots, his work reflects the places and activities that he loves.

His images are crafted with a minimalist approach. He shoots with the least amount of gear possible, instead relying on the natural world and his skills as an artist to create an engaging image.  Pure, raw and simple are all attributes found in his work.  Whether he is shooting at twenty below in the Yukon Territory, or in the salt flats of Bolivia, his images contain a quality of simplicity and beauty. 

Trained through a professional photography program in Montreal, Quebec, Pascal now lives in the small mountain town of Nelson, British Columbia.  He also teaches mountaineering and ski courses for the National Outdoor Leadership School(NOLS) and is sometimes found doing international set-up work for the Cirque du Soleil.  When not traveling, he is most often found skiing in the mountains.